Crestwood is now operating as the Community Distribution Center for donations from 9 am - 7 pm Labor Day, thereafter 1 pm-7 pm. Please come see us if you have need (please bring an ID)!  We are also organizing both local and out of town Mud Out Teams.

Distribution Center Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to receive, organize and assist in distributing donations to the public.   If you would like to volunteer for one of these shifts, please call (409) 246-2750 or simply arrive at 4:30 pm to assist with donations from 5 pm-7 pm.
Distribution Center

Disaster Relief
Crestwood Baptist Church has partnered with IConnect Outreach to work together in the recovery process of our community. IConnect Outreach is a nonprofit organization that assists communities in the recovery process, to learn more about IConnect Outreach ministries you can visit their web site at ICONNECTOUTREACH.ORG.  IConnect Outreach will register those requesting assistance with the recovery process of their home and determine what assistance can be provided. IConnect Outreach will work to provide administrative support, resources, volunteers and direct the work that can be performed in cooperation with Crestwood Baptist Church.  Crestwood Baptist Church will work with IConnect Outreach to provide volunteers, resources and housing for out of town volunteers. If you wish to request assistance in the recovery process or volunteer please register at ICONNECTOUTREACH.ORG, if you need assistance with the registration process your can contact Crestwood Baptist Church or IConnect Outreach at (409) 626-0294. When registering with ICONNECT OUTREACH please indicate that you were referred by Crestwood Baptist Church.



To specifically donate to flood relief, use the following link, then select the Harvey Disaster Relief  fund; 100% of the money will be used for flood relief.