Events Form


Events Form

If you are planning an event, please fill out the following form as completely as possible (printable PDF version- turn into church office or email ).

Event Form

Primary contact for questions and feedback.

( )   -

If different than the event date.

Ex. Specific Building, Entire Campus, Off-campus location, North Parking Lot.

If applicable to provide as much information as possible.


Two weeks prior notice is needed. *If 'Maybe', it is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to followup with the Office within the notice requirement.

If yes, estimate the number of children ages birth-4 YO. This helps in worker planning per Risk Management ratios.

Estimate the number of children age 5YO - 6th Grade. This helps in worker planning per Risk Management ratios.

Resources Needed:

Check all that apply.

Building Resources

For each Building Resource checked, enter the number needed in the text box below.

Vehicle Resources

Recreation Resources

Cleaning and returning of all of these resources is required before the event is considered closed.

A/V Resources


  • If you need access to a building for the event or setup/teardown outside of normal business hours (M-Th 8-5), it is your responsibility to check out a key during business hours from the office.
  • Childcare must be requested with two weeks prior notice due to Risk Management policy requirements and to allow staffing of the appropriate numbers of childcare workers. 
  • At this time, teardown and restoring resources to their pre-event status is the responsibility of the event contact.