Life Groups


Life Groups

At Crestwood, Life Groups are groups of people who gather for a stated purpose, to care for each other, build relationships and apply Biblical principles to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible for everyone.

As  church-sanctioned groups, we would be remiss if we didn't take these relational groups and create opportunities for spiritual growth and share the message of the gospel, therefore in addition to the social or skill-building aspect, it is also our focus to accomplish this mission through each of our Life Groups.

Groups are either categorized as "Open", where participants can join any time, or "Fixed", where participants are asked to join from the beginning of the course session.  Life Groups are not limited to Crestwood membership, so anyone is welcome to join us as we "do life."

Check out the many ways to plug-in to our community: 

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If you are interested in starting  a Life Group, please submit the following form; please note that in order to lead a Life Group, you must be a Crestwood Baptist Church member:

Life Group Form

Primary group creator/contact person.

( )   -

Group Leader 1 contact number, preferably cell number.

( )   -

Group Leader 2 contact number, preferably cell number.

Please provide details about the purpose of the group and how this group will fulfill the mission of Life Groups, which is discipleship.

Will the group be "Open" or "Fixed"?*

Please include as much detail as you know. If details are not set, include proposed thoughts.

i.e. age group, men/women/children, specific interest, etc.

Give general information about what sort of costs and amounts might be needed/required by attendees.

Is the nursery needed?*

Nursery requires funds to pay workers, so also keep this in mind that any requests would have a budget process to receive approval for nursery.