Music & Arts


Music & Arts


Our adult choir is an important part of our Sunday services. We meet every Sunday night (except for fourth Sundays) at 6:00 pm to practice in the choir room. We sing special pieces of music twice a month on the first and third Sundays. Our music selection reflects multiple styles. Anyone can join the choir; there are no tryouts required. 


Our worship band consists of instrumentalists with various skill sets. We currently are looking for musicians to join our weekly rotations. Whether you play a band instrument, guitar (acoustic, bass, electric, etc.) piano, keyboard, organ, drums or percussion, or some other instrument, we’d like to plug you in! We also have teams of singers who help lead our people in worship on stage.


Crestwood has several talented actors and we want you to join them! Once a month, we put together a skit to aid in our Sunday worship and highlight areas of our Christian walk which don’t often get discussed.


Crestwood desires to develop the musical talents of those sitting in our pews. Throughout the year, we offer several opportunities to train with our musicians and learn how to begin playing a new instrument


Our worship services wouldn't be what they are without a great team of volunteers running all the technical pieces behind the scenes. From checking mic batteries, running lights, mixing the sound and countless other little details, each component makes our services a place conducive to experiencing the grace of Christ. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to train you and find you a place to help out. 


Every two years, our Crestwood Music & Arts Ministry puts together a Christmas production designed to bring the hope of Christ to our community. We use all kinds of choreography, songs, lighting, costumes and sets to make these events come together.